Lawyer consultation cost

Initial consultation at a flat rate

I will contact you before the initial legal consultation so that I can understand, what is your inquiry, and which documents I may need. The initial consultation takes place afterwards, as comprehensive advice can only be provided with the relevant documents.

The initial legal consultation then serves to provide a comprehensive legal assessment of your situation, so that an estimate of the next steps, including the expected costs, can be made. Experience has shown that this initial consultation does not last longer than 1 hour, for which I charge a fee of 260 EUR (VAT not included).

After the initial consultation, a compensation agreement will be set up. This transparently includes all cost items so that you have an overview of the lawyer consultation costs. My cost is based primarily on Act on the Remuneration of Lawyers (RVG – Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz). The amount of the cost items value depends on the amount of the disputed claim and is defined by law.

The costs for legal representation are also based on the same regulations of the Act on the Remuneration of Lawyers (RVG).

You can apply for legal aid, if you are unable to pay the costs of a lawyer and the court costs.


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Appointments outside of office hours can be arranged.