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Labor law governs the relationship between employer and employee and contains provisions on working conditions – remuneration – working hours – vacation – other work-related matters. A lawyer specializing in labor law can help you on call in the individual situations. If this is exactly what you are looking for in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, then look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Any lawyer will tell you that labor law covers a wide range of topics that are relevant both during the employment relationship and when it is terminated. The focus of every employment relationship is the employment contract. This regulates the conditions of employment, such as working hours, remuneration and vacation entitlements, other entitlements to capital-forming benefits and notice periods. Employment contracts can be negotiated individually between employer and employee, but must comply with the statutory and common law minimum standards. If an employment contract contains partial provisions that do not meet these minimum standards, it may be partially or, in special cases, completely invalid. In addition to the employment contract, however, the relevant provisions of labor law should not be disregarded. There is a special feature of labor law: if there is a provision in labor law that is more favorable to the employee, this provision takes precedence.

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Lawyer Labor Law Frankfurt

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As labor law is a complex area of law that requires special legal expertise, it is advisable to find a lawyer. Especially someone who is also familiar with labor law. The subtle difference is particularly noticeable in dismissal protection claims. There are special features of labor law that need to be taken into account depending on the individual situation. If you need someone in Frankfurt or the surrounding area, please contact me.

Are you unsure whether or under what conditions you should accept an employment contract offer?

Do you have an employment contract and there is a disagreement with your employer or employee regarding your work performance or remuneration?

Do you not know whether the contract may be terminated? Or have you been dismissed and as an employee you think you have been treated unfairly? Or perhaps, as an employer, you are afraid of being sued for unfair dismissal?

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Do you want to solve your labor law problem? Are you in need for a lawyer for labor law in Frankfurt?

Lawyer Labor Law Frankfurt

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