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Commercial and company law in Germany deals with the legal framework for commercial transactions and companies. This includes a large number of laws, ordinances and court rulings that regulate the formation, organization, management and dissolution of companies.

Commercial and company law is of great importance for the economy and trade in Germany. It is necessary for a functioning economic system and regulates the relationships between the various players in economic life. A sound knowledge of commercial and company law is therefore essential for companies, entrepreneurs, investors and lawyers in order to conduct business with legal certainty and avoid legal conflicts.

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Lawyer Corporate Law Frankfurt

Are you about to set up a company and are unsure which legal form is right for you? Or are you, for example, a partner in a partnership (GbR, OHG, KG, AktG) and fear a legal dispute with other partners or contractual partners of your partnership?

Are you the managing director of a legal entity (e.g. a GmbH) and are faced with legal issues concerning your rights and obligations as a managing director or do you simply need legal assistance with issues relating to day-to-day business as an entrepreneur, in particular with regard to customary commercial practices?

If so, please contact me and we will see together what is the most efficient and best way for you to solve your problem.

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Lawyer Corporate Law Frankfurt

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